"Ping Pong" is a service platform that enhances your table tennis skills in all aspects.

About Us

We created this website with the aim of popularizing the sport of table tennis, and hope to actively promote it in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Our goal is to make it easier for the public to learn professional-level techniques and improve their skills in a short amount of time

WHAT WE DO We offer the following services

We want to help table tennis enthusiasts, regardless of age and gender, find the most suitable coach through our platform. Coaches can effectively arrange their teaching time and location through this reservation platform. We also regularly arrange training groups to visit mainland China and train with other players, improving skills and exchanging ideas.

We have collaborated with top athletes from mainland China to provide online courses with Chinese and English translations. Students can freely choose the content they want to learn and can review the related lessons indefinitely. The courses are tailored to improve posture and learn the correct framework for playing.

We partner with manufacturers to provide custom racket services and offer major brands of rubber for everyone to choose from. We also provide custom-designed table tennis clothing and team uniforms. Additionally, we regularly update table tennis-related information for your reference.

In addition, we plan to provide a 24-hour venue for players to gather, hold games and competitions of different levels, and meet like-minded friends. Our aim is to provide a space where people can exercise and improve together while having fun

Who we are

Our Story

We would like to share a little background and our original intention for building this website. Growing up, I only played with my family and neighborhood on the stone made table placed outdoor inside our estate. However, after years of being busy with studies, exams ,work etc, ping pong disappeared from my life.

Thanks to a fortunate turn of events, ping pong entered my life again, and I became passionate about this sport. Throughout these years, I have met many new friends and coaches who have reignited my childhood interests. I am grateful for their support and encouragement, which has helped me achieve small successes in this sport.

We want to share the joy that ping pong has brought us with more people and serve the community. Thank you to all our friends for making our lives more energetic and bringing us a wonderful sense of fulfillment!

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